December Meeting: AGM

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, December 7 at 7PM as we make significant decisions for the direction of the club next year. This year’s AGM will be held both online over Zoom and in-person at NSCC Kingstec. Please see your email for the agenda, reports, financials and draft budget, and last year’s AGM minutes.

In particular, we are looking for members interested in becoming PresidentActivities Coordinator, and Membership Coordinator, as Sarah and Grant will be cycling out of the executive at the end of the year. 

We also require your input into the club’s plans for next year and beyond. Like many clubs and societies, the pandemic has continued to hurt membership and participation in the club. As Treasurer, Helen has outlined several scenarios involving returning club fees to pre-pandemic levels and whether or not to hold meetings in traditional formats. In general, the club is not on a sustainable path in its current format, as we have many fewer members than before the pandemic, and significantly higher expenditures than several years ago. We need to increase our income and/or significantly reduce our expenses.

If we cannot recruit new executives and do not realistically expect the environment to be more favourable in 2023 and beyond, we can consider dissolving the club as a formal entity and shifting to a more informal social group. This vote requires significant notice, so in our December meeting, we would be tabling a motion regarding whether or not to vote on dissolution in January 2023.

In light of the challenges, we’d like to emphasize how much we have appreciated your participation in the club this year, and we hope to see you in December.


Your KCPC Executive

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