2019 Monthly Assignments:

  • KevinCowsDecember 2018: Holiday
  • January: Warmth
  • February: Ice
  • March: Interiors
  • April: Colour
  • May: Skies
  • June: Silhouettes
  • July: Canadian Icons
  • August: Farming
  • September: Harvest
  • October: Scary
  • November: Black & White
  • December: Shopping

Each month, we choose a theme and encourage all members to take photos based on their interpretation of these theme. The subject matter is intentionally vague: this gives members the opportunity to creatively interpret & pursue the assignment at their own time and pace. Assignments are meant to encourage members to explore their creativity, and should be taken in the month the assignment is scheduled. For example, photos taken in January would be ineligible for our February “Winter Activities” theme. We encourage members to think outside of the box: many of the assignments do not have to be taken literally. We’re always intrigued by the wide variety of submissions!

At the end of the month, members can submit their 3 favourite photos to our private Flickr group. Don’t think for a minute that your photos may not be ‘good enough’! We encourage all members of all levels of expertise to share assignment shots. After all, sharing photos with your colleagues is one of the best ways to hone your photographic talents!

At monthly meetings, we’ll discuss the last month’s assignment, and members can share constructive criticism, questions about each other’s photos, and hear about how and where the shot was taken.

Submitting photos for Assignments

All assignment photos are to be submitted online to the “Kings County Photo Club Nova Scotia” private Flickr Group, into the relevant discussion topic, such as “October – Reflections”.

Each month, we’ll create a new discussion thread for each assignment. Please submit no more than 3 images per assignment. Submitted photos should have been taken in the month of the assignment: for example, the February 2019 assignment should not include photos taken in February 2018, or any other month. The objective of these assignments, and this constraint, is to get you shooting and stimulate your creativity, rather than to simply find old photos that are a good fit. The discussion will be closed to further input early on the first day of the following month.

To submit your photo:


  • Upload your photo to Flickr and select the photo.
  • Click the sharing arrow on the right-hand side of the photo screen
  • Select “Embed” and choose the Medium size
  • Copy the Embed code and paste it into a reply to the discussion.

The Flickr Group is private and by invitation only; this ensures we have privacy and can freely discuss anything relating to our club. A Google search or a search on Flickr will not find the group unless you are signed in to Flickr as a recognized member of the group. As new members join, they will be invited or can email Please note we do have a public Flickr group that members may use to share photos with club members and the general public – this is a separate group from the private group where assignment entries are posted.–>

  • Email with the subject line “#monthlytopic
  • Attach your files (maximum 3 photos per month, per member). Files should be at least 2000x1000px, and no larger than 3-4MB each.
  • Please make the file names identifiable, ex. “JaneSmith1.jpg, JaneSmith2.jpg”, etc.
  • For monthly “open” submissions, the process is the same, but use the subject line “#monthlyopen
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